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Rent a villa in the beautiful island of Mykonos


Mykonos – is the island of windmills and very trendy glamorous resort. The local landscape is low rocky hills, white little houses and narrow streets, thousands of churches, azure sea and beautiful beaches.

The Island is not as small as it might seem at the first look. It may take you one hour in order to cross it from one side to another. It is very popular place which attracts all famous people all over the world: politicians, designers, top models, actors and celebrities. It’s one of the most famous places in Europe for the night life. No wonder it’s been called “Greek Ibiza”.

In a high season, the music sounds from every tavern on the waterfront, from every restaurant and shop. The whole atmosphere on the island is very friendly, cheerful and party.
The capital of the Island called Chora. White houses with blue shutters folded maze of the streets where you can just enjoy your walks. Restaurants are able to satisfy any taste even the most sophisticated. Each restaurant is ready to offer you excellent meals of sea food or traditional Greek cuisine.

Why do we highly recommend you to book your villa in Mykonos? Because here you can enjoy some beautiful beaches with clean white sand, comfortable climate, night life and very high level standards.