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Rent a villa in the beautiful island of Kefalonia


Kefalonia island located right in the center of the the Ionian Sea. It is the largest Ionian Island and one of the major touristic centers in Greece. Kefalonia offers the best beaches in Greece. The most popular beach is Myrtos was ranked fifth worldwide for its scenic beauty.

Argostoli – is the capital of the Island, modern town was made as an amphitheater located right on a bay. The most popular beach Myrtos was ranked as a fifth worldwide for its scenic beauty.

The lake Melisani is a unique geological phenomenon located 2 km northwest of Sami. The natural entrance of the Cave is vertical and was created by the collapse of a section of roof. Towards the centre of the island there are two noteworthy caves: the beautiful Drogarati caves seem have suffered somewhat from the loss of rather a lot of its stalactites and stalagmites (allegedly due to occupying German forces using them for target practice during WWII) , but Melissani cave (actually a lake, formed when part of the land above collapsed during an earthquake), filled with brilliant blue water from an underground current which mysteriously flows right under the island, is a memorable experience.
As memorable souvenirs, you can keep the memories of the island, acquiring some local products, such as various local wine, honey, olive oil, almonds “mandola” quince paste or variety of local wine “Robola”.

Discover your own Kefalonia and book your villa here. Prices for villas in Kefalonia are always depending on the season. Most of the villas for rent in Kefalonia is belong to expats who decided to live in a mild climate. Some of them are a bit far from the sea but all of them have their own swimming pool.


Luxury Villas For Rent in Kefalonia

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