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The advantage of staying at Villa and not at the hotel
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The advantage of staying at Villa and not at the hotel

If you are planning to go for your holidays with your family or with big Company of friends, then renting a villa are the perfect option for you! You will enjoy your privacy and the whole experience will take very individual character. Go with your on budget, select yourself how would you like to dine and any time of the day or night you will not be disturb by the noise of your neighbours. You will be able to invite guests and simply have a feeling of freedom and not following the rules of a hotel.

The cost for holidays for a big family in villa is at least 4 times lower than staying at 5 stars hotel. Renting a villa is more beneficial if you are planning to have a big Company. For example for few couples travelling together, even the most luxurious villa can be a more economical option than a super luxurious hotel.

Boring chain hotels with thousands of tourists will never remain your holidays as a calm and peaceful stay at the villa of your dream.
So it becomes a new fashion to choose an individual accommodation with your own swimming pool, private garden,BBQ,it’s simply peaceful and romantic!

Even the most luxurious hotel will never be able to give you the sense of freedom and independence… By staying at private villa you become a master of your own holiday and able to enjoy your stay at your own rhythm.

Just imagine: no need to worry if you miss breakfast or dinner – you will have freedom of making your own schedule. You can enjoy the nature, simply order a meal in the restaurant or in the nearest tavern or do your own BBQ with sea food or some nice lamp ribs.
Having experienced only once all the charm and the benefits spending your holiday in a private Luxurious villa, you will not want to go back to the traditional hotel accommodation. The cost of lease of villa does not depended on the number of guests, but it is always the total price, which is divided among all.

Relaxing on your private villa – is a completely different type of holiday, it is – a lifestyle!